Rich Lambourne

Rich Lambourne

Master Coach

Olympic Gold Medalist

Rich Lambourne was the product of a Navy family that had the good fortune of an uncommonly steady childhood in one place: San Diego, CA. Though Rich’s father was a die-hard baseball fanatic, and had spent countless hours teaching his Little League All-Star son to play the great American past-time, Rich pursued volleyball. With unrelenting support from his mother, a little height and some talent, his fledgling volleyball career took off, and he landed at BYU during the early years of the BYU Men’s Volleyball Program, where he impressively majored in Japanese.

In 1999, Rich was a key component to BYU’s first NCAA National Championship title as a starting outside hitter. The next year Lambourne made the U.S.A. Men’s National Volleyball Team, and by 2006, the converted libero’s defensive skills had become world-class and Rich was named the Pan-American Cup’s “Best Defender.” Subsequently in 2007 and 2008, Lambourne was recognized, quite literally, as the best defensive player on earth as the FIVB World League’s “Best Libero.” n 2008, Lambourne’s playing career hit perhaps its highest peak, winning the Gold Medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics under the helm of Head Coach, Hugh McCutcheon, Rich’s friend and former Assistant Coach at BYU; a life event he also devotedly accredits to his mother’s unwavering support.

Now, a two-time Olympian, having achieved the world’s highest honor in volleyball, Rich has focused his efforts to coached some of the best American contenders in beach volleyball the last few years, including his current team of Casey Patterson and Theo Brunner.